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Pirate Club – Adult Entertainment Services

Visit the Pirate Club Sports Bar, that host some of Costa Rica’s hottest working girls! The nation of Costa Rica has become a hotbed of paid sex services in recent years. Like Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil and many other countries outside of the United States, prostitution is permitted and looked upon with general acceptance in Costa Rica.

Prostitution is legal, so you don’t really need to worry about getting in trouble as long as every girl you go with is 18 or older. It is therefore not surprising that many foreigners are attracted to Costa Rica because of the availability of women.

With sexual tourists coming from the US and Canada (primarily) week in, week out, Costa Rica is a sexual paradise and if you are looking for prostitutes in San Jose then you want to visit the Pirate Club.

The hookers in San Jose hang out all day and night at the hotel bar and is one of the easiest place to find some of the sexiest women of the night.

We hope the materials we’ve organized for you here will enable you to find the ultimate companions, and avoid the pitfalls common for newcomers.

Birthday Party – Bachelor or Private Adult Party

If you want to have Birthday party or bachelor party or special private party, contact management with details and we will book the Club for you special needs. Booking private parties are best if scheduled on week days or Saturdays and Sunday. We strongly suggest do not book a private party on Friday there always a party on Friday night in Costa Rica.

Prices are inclusive. Check Facebook Facebook Icon for special events and offers.

Call for Prices.

Our customers tell us we have the best rooms in the Costa Rica so visit The Pirate Club. English/ Spanish speaking staff. HOURS of operation are from 11:30 AM until 12:00 MN or later, Monday – Saturday.