About Us

Telephone: +506 22 21 51 74 - Address: 10 Avenue, Street 12 & 14, San José, Costa Rica

The Pirate Club Sports Bar

The Pirate Club Costa Rica doesn’t require a membership. However, all new visitors are asked to take a tour of the Club with one of the lovely chicas. Be sure you tell the beautiful girl behind the bar this is your first visit! (Usually they will notice, but sometimes we get so busy you may have to tell them)

The Pirate Club Costa Rica is a “Pension”. This means that we have rooms available for rent. Simply choose one of the many available girls and rent a room. Most guests are accustomed to massage parlors; The Pirate Club Costa Rica is similar; once you pay for the room you will have the privacy with the girl or girls with whom you would like to spend time.

Under Costa Rican laws, The Pirate Club Costa Rica is similar to a Hotel (room rentals) however we do not provide overnight stays.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the bedrooms at the Pirate Club Costa Rica have hot showers which is a luxury not found at other establishments. We strive to ensure that the most beautiful girls in Costa Rica come to the Club unlike many other pensions you may have visited in Costa Rica. The ladies who come to the Pirate Club Costa Rica work independent from the Club. They are always friendly and understand the true meaning of customer service which can be rare to find in Costa Rica. The Pirate Club Costa Rica respects its customers and understands the importance of impeccable service. Most of our customers quickly become true friends, and we always treat our friends well.

The Pirate Club Costa Rica is the alternative from the typical atmosphere found in San Jose. We provide a fun and lively environment while assuring privacy and security for all guests and the girls. Many bars in Costa Ruca charge a fee to take a girl out of a club and many Hotels require you to pay “Hotel Fees” for your female guest…  and even taxi fares in some cases. Increasingly, you find that some hotels are not even allowing girls as guests in rooms. The Pirate Club Costa Rica provides an American Style alternative; a private and exclusive place to come enjoy great company, with your favorite beer or cocktail, all at excellent prices.

The bar was designed like a Pirate Ship. All rooms are air conditioned, and have private showers with hot water. Our rooms are nicely designed and have comfortable full size beds. Our regular customers will tell you that we have the best rooms in the business. Some of the other places will have small uncomfortable massage tables or small beds with community showers.

We have created a great place for everyone to come and relax without being pressured. The girls are relaxed and will never pressure you for anything. If you like a girl you see, feel free to talk to her. When you are comfortable with your choice, just relax and enjoy the company.

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Feel free to contact is with any questions: Costa Rica +506 22 21 51 74 or from the USA dial 011 (506) 22 21 51 74.